About Us

Hey there, I am Mauro Sicard. I am a 18 years old entrepreneur and I actually live in Mexico City, an also I am the one who created Bookicious.com.

In the last few weeks I discovered that I feel way more fullified creating and working on new interesting projects, ideas, etc, instead of just doing the same everyday. Even this sound obvious, I thought that I liked the things I did before, but I am way more happier learning and trying new things. An one new thing I way liked creating is Bookicious.

Why creating Bookicious?

As read a lot I am constantly searching and trying to discover new interesting books to read, so I decided to create a website about great book collections for entrepreneurs, makers and founders (as there I the people I frequent most).

I thought on naming it booksformakers.com, but If the project become bigger and I decide to expand to more book categories, the name won't match, so after thinking a lot I named it bookicious.com.

As my MVP, I worked out 1 week to build the actual website you are seeing now, and depending on how this side project evolves, maybe I will start adding more collections, categories and expanding it to a very big website.

Blog Article Figure
First Bookicious design on July 16, 2015.

If you have any feedback or opinion, feel free to go to the Contact section and send me a message, or even reach me on my twitter account.